Top 10 Countries With Highest GDP in 2013

GDP rate is also known as the Gross Domestic Production rate and have eternal importance for every country as the development and progress of any country depends upon it. The GDP rate is directly connected with all of the domestic productions and exports of the country. The higher production means higher exports which results to higher GDP rate. Today, we are in economical war and every country wants to be at the top of the list in this race of economy. For this purpose every country is struggling to make its GDP rate better than other and we can find out a lot of countries which have improved their GDP rate. Here we are evaluating the Top 10 Countries With Highest GDP in 2013  to evaluate the progressing speed of the countries in the world.


10.  India

10.  India


India is at the tenth number in our list and also in those countries which have expected highest GDP rate in the year 2013. India is an agricultural state and half of its people belong to the profession of farming but from past years it also have made a great progress in the field of technology and mechanics which makes its economy better. With a survey it is estimated that the total gross domestic production rate GDP of India will be $ 1, 972,844 million  in 2013.


9.  Italy

9.  Italy


Italy is one of the famous countries of the world; a large number of people are admired to go there for different reasons. Some people are crazy about Italian cuisine, some are admired with architecture and some of them love the Italian music. Every year Italy gets a huge income just because of its tourism. It is not just tourism that is making the country strong but it is also working in different fields like infrastructure, education and development that are making its economy strong. With an estimation we get that in the current year GDP rate of Italy will be $ 2, 076,006 million. This GDP rate brings the Italy at the ninth number in our list.


8.  Russia

Russian Flag


Eight ranks in our list is secured by the country which were the super power in the past times and still giving a tough time to the super power America, it is Russia. The expected GDP rate of Russia in 2013 will be $ 2, 213,567 million which brings it on the eight numbers in top ten countries with highest GDP in 2013. This not just because it was a super power it is because of its stable economy and industry. Russia is developing and strengthening its roots in trade and technology to coup up with new emerging economical situation.


7. United Kingdom

7. United Kingdom


United Kingdom is at the seventh position in our list of top ten countries with highest GDP rate in 2013 with the total estimated GDP rate of $2, 422,921 million. It is a well known state and also famous for its amazing tourist and business points, every year a huge number of people come there with different perspectives such as tourism, employment, studies and business as well. There is a large business community is settled in London with strong roots and in the shape of students the state get a huge amount of revenues every year.


6.  Brazil

6.  Brazil


Brazil is a state that believes in business and investment and owns one of the major fastest growing and stable economies. This is the state which invests in the large firms to get profits and also make every business profitable. In the strong and successful economic achievements of the country its economical policy has contributed a lot and also the national bank of Brazil have participated and still doing. Due to the strong economic position the expected GDP rate in the year 2013 of Brazil will be $ 2, 456,663 million which brings it on the sixth position in the list.


5.  France

5.  France



At the number five we have France which is considered as the wealthiest country of Europe and it is a fact that all of the citizens there are living on the high standards. The country has an amazing economical situation and all of the factors are just simply finished in their own terms. The tourism, industry and agriculture have made the economy of the country too strong and the expected GDP rate of France for the present year is $ 2, 739,274 million.


4. Germany

4. Germany


With the total expected GDP rate of $ 3, 597,965 million Germany is at the fourth position in our list. It is also on the second position in the highest exporter and on their position of the biggest importer in the global list. The country is also a global leader in some of the industries and has a strong economical and political history. All of the policies and stability in government makes the economy of Germany too strong and stable.


3.  Japan

3.  Japan


At the number three we have a state which leads in technology on the globe and that is Japan. Japan is one of those economies which are strong and stable because it has a stable and strong base. The whole economy of the state is based on technology and mechanics and the state have and still ruling the world just because of its quality electronics and technology. This year the expected GDP rate of Japan is $ 5, 149,897 million.


2. China

2. China


China is also known as the fastest and new emerging global economy which is capturing the whole world and its technology. It is the only country which brings innovation and transformation in every industry and has amazing kind of products as well. No matter what is your area of study but it is a fact that you will find a Chinese product in that field as well. China is exporting a huge number of products to the maximum number of countries which add up a lot of figures to its revenues. For the current year estimated GDP rate of china is $ 9, 020,309 million.


1.       United States

1. United States


At the top of the list we have the United state with the highest GDP rate of $ 16, 237,746 million. The super power is at the top of the list due to all of its multi-national brands that are generating a lot of revenues for the state every year in different countries.

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  1. Mr.yethor says:

    thanks for this information but i want to you get some information about income per person all 10 countries

  2. Reckless says:



    You write:
    “At the top of the list we have the United state with the highest GDP rate of $ 16, 237,746 million. The super power is at the top of the list due to all of its multi-national brands that are generating a lot of revenues for the state every year in different countries. “

    In Economics 101, Professor Slavin explained the difference between GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and GNP (Gross NATIONAL Product):

    U.S. GDP includes only the revenues generated within the DOMESTIC borders of the U.S. Thus, the sales of Toyota’s American subsidiary are included in U.S. GDP, since they occur on U.S. soil. The sales of IBM’s Japanese subsidiary are NOT included in America’s GDP, since they take place in JAPAN NOT IN THE U.S.!

    The sales of IBM’s Japanese subsidiary ARE included in the U.S. GNP, since IBM is an American Corporation, at least, the last time I checked it was.

    When you write about “multi-national brands, that are generating a lot of revenues for the state every year in different countries.”, that is Gross NATIONAL Product (GNP) and NOT Gross DOMESTIC Product (GDP), Duh!

    You would think that, in an article on GDP, the author would not confuse GDP with GNP!

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