Top 10 horror movies in 2013

Entertainment is the most important factor of every person’s life but the meaning of entertainment is different for everyone. For some people entertainment is in the mystery, for some it is in the humor and for some people horror is an entertainment factor. They prefer to watch horror movies which have mystery in them and have some of the scary origins. If you are the one who just love the horror films then here we are rating some of the amazing horror movies of 2013. These movies can be a real and worthy addition to your horror movies collection and if you miss to watch them then now it’s a chance for you to grab it. The top 10 horror moves in the year 2013 with some of amazing stories and scary events. In these top ten lists you also find out some of the remakes of some thrilling and amazing past horror movies and some reviews also consider the year 2013 is the year of remakes. Here you can get a big collection of some new additions to the horror cinema and a lot of new ideas by some of the great producers and directors. Check here the list Top 10 horror movies in 2013.


10.  Warm Bodies

10.  Warm Bodies

On the number ten we have got the movie Warm Bodies which was released on February 8th 2013. The story line of the movie goes around the love affair of a Zombie with the girlfriend of one of his victim. Their love story prevails in the movies and a sequence of events happens that change the entire lifeless world. The movie takes a revolution in the Zombie factor, this is for the first time ever that a love story of a Zombie is filmed. That’s why it got too much public attraction.


9.  The Conjuring

9.  The Conjuring

The movie was released on 19th July 2013 with a basic story line of a family that encounters the presence of spirits living with them in their New England farmhouse. To counter the spirit the family takes help from the well known paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the circumstances of helping that family Warren finds himself in a big trouble because he is facing the worst spirit in this case of his life. From the maker of some amazing horror films this is an amazing attempt and attracts the audience automatically. The combination of horror and mystery enable the movie to be on number 9.


8.  Mama

8.  Mama

The movie released on January 18th 2013 and presents the story of two sisters who became disappear after the death of their parents. And after a long run of five years their uncle and his girlfriend find them and take them home. Now this is a start of their new life and her aunt want to bring them back to the normal life. But, she observes and feels the presence of some external forces around them and to find out the answers of some questions that how and where both of the girls survive for five years put her in a mystical situation. All of the mystery with some horrifying graphics and actions make move attractive for the audience.


7.  Carrie

7.  Carrie

Carrie is coming to the theaters on October 18th 2013; it is a remake on the novel of Stephen King. The story is around a teen school girl who faces so many threats by her peers and school and also beaten by her religious mother at home. The girl has a secret that she is blessed with some amazing horrifying powers of telekinesis. At the night of prom when her peers play a prank on her, they will learn a lethal lesson. The horror lovers have too many expectations with the film and it will be a real blast and show something worthy to the audience.


6.  Maniac

6.  Maniac

Maniac was released at March 15th 2013; it is about the story of an artist girl and the owner of a mannequin store. When she came and asks for his help in her exhibition and their friendship prolongs.  It is not moreover like the original Maniac of 1980. It comes when a serial killer set out to find out his victim in the dark night. The movie is all about the killer and its victim.


5.  6 Souls


It was released on 6th April 2013, with an amazing story concept it is on number five. The Dr. Cara is now attending her new patient Adam after the death of her husband when her faith in God has been shaken but not in science. Adam is facing the multiple personality issues and has some of the effects of those personalities on his physical body too. In the movie as the Cara will prolong into the life history of Adam she reveal some of the shocking facts.


4.  Evil Dead

4.  Evil Dead

The Evil Dead was released on 19th April 2013, as a horror film lover knows that it is a remake and an amazing remake of course. A young lady is moving into a cabin with her brother and some of her friends and then they find a Book of the Dead which leads them to the danger and horror. It will be a great experience for you to watch it if you have not watch if before.


3.  Dark Skies

3.  Dark Skies

Dark Skies is about a family lives in a suburban are peacefully but gradually they have came to know that something is wrong around them. A series of disturbing events insist then to think about it. All of the scary events and mystical situations enhance the genre or horror.  The fight of the family against all of these events and the probability of their survival is also a question.


2.  Insidious: Chapter 2

2.  Insidious Chapter 2

An amazing sequel of Insidious is coming this year on 30th August, in which the horrifying events will continue in the hunted house of Lambert family. Definitely all of the people who have watched the Insidious, are definitely been waiting for the Insidious Chapter 2 and it is a great gift by the film makers for them as well. The horrors will prolong to the next level and the events will be continuing further.


1. World War Z

1. World War Z

World War Z was released on 21st June 2013 and got an amazing public appreciation in the short time period after release. It is about all of the efforts of a United Nation employee who travels the world to stop the Zombies pandemics and to save to human life on the planet. The amazing action fight between the Zombies and the weapons attract the viewers and enhance the level of the movie. All of the fight and deadly creature and its wildness bring up the World War Z to the top of the list. In the current year this is a big edition to the horror movies collection and framing a new theme in the horror cinema.

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