Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2013

The GPI or global Peace Index is the best among the different criteria to measure the status of peace within a country. Every year a GPI chart is published. In 2013 this chart included 162 countries. GPI ranking is based on 23 indicators like relations with the neighboring countries, number of wars fought, number of jailed prisoners, and deaths due to internal wars etc. GTI or Global terrorism index is a subset of GPI. It ranks the countries according to the terrorist activities and causalities in that region. The following 10 countries have the worst peace conditions in the world. here is the best list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in 2013.



10: Central African Republic:

 Central African Republic

Central African Republic also known as CAR is rated as the 10th most dangerous country according to GPI and 25th according to GTI. It is because of the internal war between the government, its army and the rebel groups like UFDR. The Central African Republic Bush War started in 2004 after the death of President Francois Bozize in 2003. To make peace in the region many agreements were signed between the government and the rebel groups. In 2012, once again conflicts started in CAR as the rebels were of the point of view that the government is not abiding by the peace agreements. Right now the country is in the state of civil war.


9: North Korea

 north korea

North Korea is the country with the world’s largest army. It is at 114th number according to the GTI, which means that there is nearly zero terrorism in the country. This country is closed for tourism, and is politically isolated as well. This is because the country refused to stop its nuclear program. Despite of the fact that there was international pressure on North Korea to stop the nuclear program, they made the 3rd nuclear test in February 2013. It is among the top 10 most dangerous countries because of the fact that jailed population per 100,000 citizens is 830. This is the highest ratio of jailed people in the world.


8: Russia


Russia is at 9th rank according to the Global Terrorism Index, which depicts high terrorism activity in this region. Peace in the country is non-existent. Deaths due to internal wars are increasing day by day. Both, its exports for the major conventional weapons and the expenditure on army are increasing. The only thing that has improved in the year 2013 is that, the number of people imprisoned has reduced. Bombing, shooting and fights against the security forces and the government officials has become very common in many cities of Russia. But the good thing is that large area of the country is free from conflicts.


7: Democratic Republic of the Congo

 Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic Of Congo or DRC is at number 12 in GTI. Civil war of 1998 continued till 2003, but the country’s peace conditions have not improved much till then. In November 2012, M23 Rebels established their independent government in parts on North Kivu but they soon withdrew because of the international pressure. Along with the internal conflicts, DRC also doesn’t have good relations with the neighboring country i.e. Angola. Right now the peace in the country is at “moderate” level.


6: Pakistan


Pakistan stands at 2nd position in the Global Terrorism Index. Pakistan was at 10th rank in GPI in 2012, now it is at 6th. This is mainly because of the rise in terrorist activity. Approximately 1500 deaths were reported due to terrorist attacks. Sectarian Violence also increased as 113 attacks against the shias were reported in 2012. Worst peace conditions were reported in the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) where dozens are dying every week due to drone attacks. Relations with neighbouring countries got worse and expenditure on military increased. Overall, the country cannot be ranked as safe because of the suicide bombing and other terrorist activities.


5: Sudan

A view of the scene after a car bomb detonated along a street in Somalia's capital Mogadishu

In the year 2013 Sudan has become more peaceful than it was in the year 2011-12. But still it remains in the top five most dangerous countries according to GPI. Sudan is at 11th number in GTI. The major reason for it being un-peaceful is not the terrorism but the internal conflicts. There are conflicts between Sudan and South Sudan because of the oil rich areas of Abyei. The overall peace conditions of the country are getting worse since 2003. A large number of people die every year because of terrorism, internal conflicts, famine and malnutrition.


4: Iraq


Iraq is at top according to GTI. It has become less peaceful in 2013. It is mainly because of the increase in military expenditure, 3 billion US dollars were spent on buying F16 fighter Jets. Iraq’s relationship with its neighboring countries like Turkey and Syria are also not good, rather they are becoming worst. Political conditions have improved in Iraq since Nouri-al-Maliki became the president. There was a fall in the number of people leaving the country since Iraq got some political stability, but migration from the country is still the sixth largest in the world.


3: Syria


There was a sudden deterioration in the peace conditions of Syria in year 2012-13. Civil war started between groups, who were with the president Bashar al-Assad, and those against the president. In the year 2012, protests took place throughout the country and to disperse the protesters Syrian Armed Force (SAF) made use of violence. Syria was a rather peaceful country two years ago and was ranked as 116th most peaceful among the 162 countries and now it is at 160th place. This is mainly because of large expenditures on army to hold back the civilians. The relation of Syria with its neighboring countries is also not good, which makes it the 3rd most dangerous country of the world.


2: Somalia


Somalia was the least peaceful country in the year 2012 and now it is at 2nd position, with Afghanistan replacing it at the top. Political stability in the region improved the peace as in 1991 civil war started in Somalia and finally in 2012 it got some political stability when Hassan sheikh Mohammad became the president. The major problem in the country is the pirate attacks at the coast. The situation has improved because of the presence of the international army. Somalia’s conditions are expected to improve in the upcoming years.


1: Afghanistan


Afghanistan is at number one is the list of most dangerous countries of the world, or at last place among the 162 countries of the world according to peace in region. It is at number 3 according to Global Terrorism Index. The situation of Afghanistan has not improved for the last two decades. NATO forces are constantly bombarding this region to reduce the terrorist activity. The whole country is under war against terrorism even the capital Kabul is not a safe place. Last year there were 2 terrorist attacks in Kabul. USA has announced Afghanistan to be the worst enemy of NATO and has promised to fund the Afghan National Army in the form of salaries, equipment and training.

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