Top 10 Most Popular Fashion Magazines in The World

No matter how much we become fond of internet and blogs and no matter if there is all the information that we need is available online, having to read  fashion magazine to stay up to date about what’s hot and what’s not has its own charm which just cannot be replace.  These magazines are your best friend at a Saturday morning when you have nothing to do and you just want to sit back and relax and have a cup of your coffee with your favourite magazine in your hand.  You can also carry them around in your purse and read them while you wait for a friend. These fashion magazines can be the source of information about the custom in day to day life and provide you with the normal and also the most complicated knowledge about fashion all the time. They may contain the pictures, stories and articles that may be of great interest to us and play a vital role in the establishment of a better society with a better understanding of fashion and culture.  Check here the list of Top 10 Most popular Fashion Magazines in the world.


10. Teen vogue:

Teen vogue

These magazines appeared and made an entry as part of the vogue magazine but it is solely for the teens or for the younger audience of the previously described magazine.  This magazine is concerned with the U.S celebrities and fashion related news and also provide the data on the latest entertainment and also feature the stories on the recent issues and the events. The basic and fundamental tenets of teen magazines are combined in this one but with more glossy, sparkly view that knows how to fit into the template of the vogue magazine. Yearly parties are also host by this magazine for the young Hollywood fall issue.


9. Esquire Magazine:

Esquire Magazine















This magazine is published under the supervisions of Hearst Corporation in the U.S established in the year 1972 and since then it has flourished under many circumstances by the guidance of Arnold Gingrich who is the editor of the magazine. In the past few years this magazine has transformed itself into more of like a refined publication by also making an emphasis on the collection and fashion clothing lines for men as well as women. The yearly feature Sexiest Woman Alive description by the magazine is allocated as a benchmark of female desirability.


8. Cosmopolitan:


It is a monthly magazine as read by most of the women with more than fifty editions which are highly international. This magazine has the segmenting of short fiction pieces along with various advice giving articles on several topics such as relationships, sex and fashion etc. This magazine as first launched by the publisher Schlicht & Field Company during the year 1886 as a family periodical of fashion, cooking and household decoration styles but later due to the bankruptcy reason it was sold to Joseph Newton Hallock ho did not just fictionalized the pages of the magazine but also introduced the book review options in it.


7. Marie Claire:

Marie Clair

It is the monthly women’s magazine which was first published in France but then later on its several editions were published in different parts of other countries in variety of different languages. With this magazine every publishing country has its own special voices but the U.S edition mainly focuses on the women who are present all around the world and other issues which are under the light.  This magazine has fashion, beauty and health related topics the reason of which is to make the audience aware about themselves. In relation to France other countries where the magazine is published include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Greece and Hungary etc.


6. W Magazine:

W Magazine














W is the prearranged fashion magazine which was published for the first time by Condé Nast Publications who purchased the original owner in the year 1999. Its creation came into being in 1972 by the publisher of sister magazine known as Women’s Wear Daily. The magazine has often being the part of various controversies but features the stories and the covers which causes the aggravating of mixed type of responses from the targeted audience. Some of the subjects of controversies include 60 page Steven Klein portfolio regarding Angelina Jolie and Bard Pit which was authorized as domestic bills.  American and European society coverage’s are the main feature of the magazine which has made it the elite of fashion and entertainment industry.


5. Glamour:


Condé Nast Publications is in authority of publishing another magazine known by the name of Glamour whose foundations were put in 1939 in the United States. It was first named as Glamour of Hollywood but later it got changed to Glamour only and now the editions of the magazine gets published in different countries including UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Russia and Greece and soon it will be launched in Australia as well.  The target women of this magazine are between 18 – 49 age groups and the audience rate only in U.S is about 1.411.061.  They arrange an annual Woman of the Year award ceremony and in 2009 they launched their own Google widget iGoogle due to which the site is automatically opened to the subscribed audience.


4. InStyle:

















By the Time Inc. this magazine gets published in U.S as a monthly magazine for women while the publishing’s in UK are controlled by IPC media.  Along with the information about beauty, home, fashion, entertainment and celebrity lifestyle it also covers the topic of charitable endeavors. It is because of this reason that the magazine now has 1.7 million circulations all around the world. Alongside of the magazine a companion website is also run by the company which gets the recent updates almost every day and offers you the same information as given in the magazine but with an inclusion of interactive advertising features.


3. Allure Magazine:

Allure Magazine

It is not just a fashion magazine but also a beauty periodical which was established by Linda Wells in 1991 who became the editor in chief for the rest of the magazine. There are various subjects and various portions of this magazine and somehow all of them are related to the beauty and exquisiteness. Annual Best of Beauty awards are the signature thing for the magazine which involves the editor’s pick for the best hair, skin and make up products.


2. Elle:

















It is the only one magazine that gets applaud for the women’s beauty, health, entertainment and fashion all at the same time. Pierre Lazareff was the founder of the magazine and his wife helped him in doing so during the year 1945.  Elle word refers to its meaning as “she”. With 39 international editions, this magazine has now become the largest fashion magazine of the year in over 60 countries of the world. the main reason of the magazine’s popularity was the unique content that gave the audience about the fashion and help raise their styles and standards.


1. Vogue:


By Condé Nast Publications vogue is a lifestyle and fashion magazine that gets its publications in 18 national and one regional edition. Every month they publish a magazine which contains the topics about the health, life, design and fashion. That is why they are considered as the number one presenter of the high society and high fashion images. Not only this the writings on art, culture and politics are a significant feature of the Vogue.

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