Top Ten Dangerous Countries In 2014

There are many countries where living these days can be very dangerous for the citizens and people are not just unsafe over there are not safe at all but it will not be wrong to say that they are under the influence of terror as well. These nations today are very insecure which is all because of some of the political and violent issues happening around the cities of these most dangerous countries.  People here mislaid their loved ones this way. Some of the top 10 dangerous counties ranked in 2014 include the following:


10. Russia:














It is one of the economical based countries of the world but it is now facing great challenges in terms of the security and peace in the country.  With the passage of time great amount of terrorism is increasing in this country and is one of the top most dangerous of the world today.


09. Brazil:














The reputation of Brazil is great among all over the countries but from past few years this reputation has started to decrease significantly.  This country was once known to be one of the quietest and peaceful countries of the world but since the rates of crime are being increased constantly, this perception about this country has vanished.  This country has now become the best route for the illegal actions where the import and export of the drugs is a very common thing now and also the rate of violence has been enhanced greatly where not even one innocent is being spared.


08. South Africa:

South Africa













The rates of crimes, rapes and murders are increasing many folds in this country that is why it is on number 8th of this Top Ten Dangerous Countries In 2014 list. Here Cape Town is the number one place where all of this stuff is happening around with no notice taken.


07. Venezuela:














The number of population in every city of this country is around 1,120,718 but from the last few years the rate of the homicides has made this country among the most dangerous countries to live into. They have become alarming for almost everyone who is currently residing in this country. In the records the rates of homicidal situations were calculated to be around 71 murders per capita and robbery with assault cases as well. This country is a clear invitation for death and harassment and this is why is on number 7th of this list.


06. North Korea:

North Korea













More than 1% population of this country resides in jail and which is the highest amount of people in jail all over the world. This place is very daunting and dangerous to live in which is why it has been closed for all sorts of tourists. The army of this country is huge along with the strict government and because of this even the slightest mistake of your can get you sentenced in no time here which is why it is one of the most dangerous country where anyone can go and live.


05. Pakistan:














It is not very unusual to see Pakistan’s name in the news headline every now and then and this is why the global terrorism index has declared it number second in the crime rate all over the world.  Drone attacks and suicide bombings are some of the main reasons of violence in this country.


04. Sudan and South Sudan:














These are the countries that still have got some inner issues and conflicts even after their independence.  Sudan is thinking about taking over to the south Sudan and this factor is the sole reason for which hundreds of people are being killed and sentenced every day.


03. Iraq:













Innumerable protestors, mortal extremists, and limitless struggles have created Al-Iraq an awfully treacherous country late and it remains to be a dangerous country in 2014 furthermore. Saddam bin Hussein at-Takriti fashioned use of suffering, assassination, and rape etc to normalize his opponents. The country became somewhat governmentally steadied once his death. Frequent arms squads like Al Qaeda, Sunni and Shi’ite militia teams have conjointly fashioned chaos. The crucial motive is activities of terrorist that are still moving on conjointly once the exit of out of doors forces. It’s developing into a zone of war wherever no one is absolutely secure. Bomb blasts on the perpetually basis killing many individuals.


02. Somalia:














This country has also been included in this list after 2011 and the reason behind doing this are the civil wars which have been occurring here for a lot of time now making it difficult for people to live.


01. Afghanistan:














This country basically is the home of al-Qaida and its major parts are facing a number of suicide bombers and mortar fires along with the murders and a lot more than that causing the violence in this country being out of everyone’s control.

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  1. Jesejoon says:

    Change your fucking list!!! Afghanistan is not the first u cunt!!! look at Pakistan!!! u Ignorant WHere is the home of alQaida u Bitch its in pakistan yemen!!! not In afghanistan!

    • Al-Qaida is in Afghanistan, Mullah Umar the head of Afghan Taliban is fighting with NATO in Afghanistan. So if Afghanistan is not too much dangerous then why 100 of thousands Afghan Families are living in Pakistan rather than going back.

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