Top10 Most Beautiful Actresses in 2013

Hollywood actresses have always been very conscious about their looks and their beauty. They invest a large sum of money to make them look upright and are still in continuous strive to look more fabulous then their fellow actresses. But despite of the fact that there are hundreds of pretty faces in fashion and film industry, only a few of them are there that can be considered among the most beautiful of them all. Following is a list of top ten Most beautiful actresses in 2013 which are selected not just on the basis of their beauty and attractiveness but also on the arte of their popularity and hotness.


10. Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez














She is considered as one of the most beautiful women around the globe because she has not just won the hearts of million people with the magic of her voice but people have loved her presence and performances off the screen as well. She has the greatest achievements among all of the other actresses in the field of music but has got a pretty face that no one ever forgets.


9. Halle Berry:

9. Halle Berry












She is at the ninth position of our list of top ten most good-looking actresses because she is slim, she acts very well, she has kind of elegance about her and a gorgeous face that can win your heart over and over again. She has changed her hairstyle almost as frequently as anyone would do which have made her illustrious among all the other actresses.


8. Jennifer Lawrence:

Jennifer Lawrence












In the whole America, the most famous celebrity would be Jennifer Lawrence. Her face cuts are just almost faultless and her eyes so spectacular that has acquired the minds of thousands of people. What more compels other people to her is her slim and hot body for which she has earned gained popularity in a very short period of time.


7. Zooey Deschanel:

Zooey Deschanel













What appeals everyone about her is her beautiful striking eyes that can make anyone go crazy about her, despite the fact that she has a huge fan following a celebrity can ever have. Her nose which is a little out of shape doesn’t bother her beauty and still adored by millions of people around the world the same.


6. Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron















Most of the time people worship her for the skills of acting she has got but also for her lovely hair. She belongs to South Africa and the talent she has shown in her movies she has also gotten herself rewarded with an Oscar award. Her hot looks and smile rules over millions of hearts and she is praised for her work in The Italian Job and Young Adult.


5. Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston



She belongs a family that is very well known in this industry for producing great artists but the main reason behind her popularity and fame would be her own achievements and deeds that she has done in her career throughout the time. She is a very elegant looking lady that has won many hearts with their cute looks and smile. Some of her famous movies include Bruce Almighty, Rumor Has It and The Break Up.


4. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie


Her name needs no introduction in the film industry and even outside of that. Her acting and performance skills are not just the one thing extraordinary about her but her outlook is the major cause of her fame that is hot and gorgeous. Her famous movies include Tourist, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Apart from acting she is also involved in noble charity work forming her good human being as well.


3. Kate Winslet:

Kate Winslet


Due to her diverse performance and great achievements in the film industry, she earned a lot of respect and love in very short period of time. Her figure is highly attractive and her smile is delightful. She has won millions of hearts with her striking hair. A milestone in her career was Titanic that gained her heights of distinction and affection.


2. Olivia Wilde:

Olivia Wilde













She is a New York City girl and was raised in Washington D.C. she is  the second number in this list of  most beautiful actresses because she is one of them, thanks to her great features and strikingly good looks. Her confidence of presenting herself with others is a part of her beauty itself along with her flawless face, fair skin and beautiful eyes that no one has got.


1. Blake Lively:

Blake Lively













She is a great model and an actress that is ruling over thousands and millions of hearts these days. Her way of dressing herself up is way different than a lot of actresses and has worked real hard to improve her outlooks over a long period of time. Her hairs are lovely, her smile is charismatic and body is very eye-catching, no doubt she is the number one contender of this list.

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  1. Jessica says:

    This is a fucking JOKE of a list. Like how could you forget Emma Watson.

  2. prathu says:

    the hairstyle of haleberry looks freakin ugly

  3. Val says:

    Hm..weird that Emma Watson isn’t on the list, she’s absolutely stunning and seems “flawless” as well. I think Blake Lively is the ugliest one on this list.

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